Teaching English And Maths Primary

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Teaching English And Maths Primary

The following picture story books are available at the Mathematical Association of Victoria Shop.

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f 4One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab by April Pulley Sayre, Jeff Sayre 

1 PSB OneisSnail TenisaCrabaIf one is a snail and two is a person we must be counting by feet! This is a fantastic story to stimulate students’ counting skills and could be used in any primary classroom. The discussion may include skip counting and other rich mathematical discussion promoting additive and multiplicative thinking. This book can be used for a whole class mathematical investigation.





f 4100 days of Cool by Stuart Murphy

2 100daysofCoolStuart J. Murphy travels all over the United States talking to thousands of kids. And you’ll never believe what they talk about: maths.Stuart shows kids that they use maths every day to share a pizza, spend their pocket money, and even sort socks. Stuart writes funny stories about maths and if you read his books, you’ll start to see the fun in maths, too.





f 4Counting on Frank by Rod Clement

3 CountonFrankFrank loves to calculate things. He knows how many humpback whales would fit in his house. He knows how long it would take to fill his bathroom with water. But can Frank guess the number of jellybeans in the jar? This book can be used for a whole class mathematical investigation.






f 4Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle

4 Pancakes Pancakes EricCarleJack wants pancakes for breakfast. But first, Jack’s mother needs flour from the mill, an egg from the black hen, milk from the spotted cow, butter churned from fresh cream, and firewood for the stove. Eric Carle has delivered a beautifully illustrated book full of mathematical concepts. Measurement, arrays, order, number are just a few of the concepts that can be explored through this text.  YouTube read by Serdar Mutlu






f 4One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor Pinczes, illus. Bonnie McKain

5 100 hungry ants Pinczes McKainHi dee ho! It’s off to a picnic we go! 100 very hungry ants hurry to sample the delights of a picnic, but marching in single file seems too slow for 100 empty tummies. The smallest ant of all suggests they travel in 2 rows of 50, four rows of 25 . . . and the division begins. One Hundred Hungry Ants is not only a spirited and whimsical story, but also serves as an enjoyable visual introduction to maths.





f 4Sophie's Prize by Jennie Marston, illus Lexie Watt

6 Sophie Prize LexieWattSophie has just won $100 in an art competition. What will she do with the money? Will she spend it or save it? What would you do? Not only a picture book to be enjoyed in its own right, Sophie’s Prize encourages mathematical thinking in a realistic situation to promote engagement, problem posing and solving, motivation and confidence in mathematics for your children. The book also includes ideas for mathematical activities.




f 4On the Scale. A Weighty Tale by Brian Cleary, illus Brian Gable

7 OntheScale Weight TaleCartoon cats introduce the concept of weight and measurement units from grams to pounds to tonnes, perfect teaching aid for volume and capacity.






f 4Safari Park by Stuart Murphy, illus Steve Bjorkman

8 safari ParkIt’s four tickets for the Treetop Coaster! Five cousins each have 20 tickets to spend at Safari, and a little algebra will tell them how many rides they can try. But who will dare the death-defying Terrible Tarantula?



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