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Teaching English And Maths Primary


National Literacy and Numeracy Week

Date: August 29 to September 4, 2016

Numeracy Activities
Literacy Activities
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Numeracy Activities Primary


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Digital Literacy Activities Primary


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Catch a Reader

Catch-a-Reader involves taking a photo or drawing someone that the student ‘catches’ reading. Students can ‘catch’ someone reading at home, in the community or at school.The images can be displayed around the school as they are or incorporated with other media elements and published using a range of technology to create Catch-a-Reader posters.


catch an ideaCatch an Idea

'Catch-an-Idea’ is your chance to catch a maths moment! Whether you’re indoors or outside, looking at patterns or playing sports, in the kitchen or in outer space; maths helps make sense of the world! Students photograph a mathematics moment, caption it and share it (digitally or as a poster around the school).  Math is everywhere!



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