Teaching English And Maths Primary

A project of the Mathematical Association of Victoria and
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Teaching English And Maths Primary

TEAMP Outline

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The following is an outline of TEAMP benefits of membership of a supportive learning community: members will have valuable and useful resources online; access to informative and practical journals; support from the associations' educational consultants; individual and school mentoring; opportunities to attend a wide range of beneficial, practical professional learning, including workshops, twilight sessions and conferences and a one-stop shop  for primary English and mathematics teaching resources.

Opportunities to actively participate in a wide range of beneficial practical virtual and face-to-face professional learning at a variety of times to suit you.  TEAMP activities include workshops, twilight sessions, weekend modules and conferences.



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TEAMP Benefits

Membership of a supportive learning community

Teachers can apply for membership by registering your interest. You will need to provide profile details and areas of interest in the TEAMP community.   

Valuable and useful resources online

Members have curated and continue to contribute valuable resources to support the teaching of mathematics and English. These resources are available from any internet connected device. 


Access to informative and practical journals

Professional reading helps members keep up to date with the latest discussions and development in the teaching and leanring of mathematics and English. MAV and its partner organisations provide electronic and print journals for members.  

Support from Education consultants

Suport from professional officers can be face-to-face, remotely through the Virtual Learning centre and where availabel via Skype or teleconference.


Individual and school mentoring

MAV education consultants and English, Literacy coaches are available for individual and school mentoring to enable the whole school community to embrace numeracy, literacy and digital learning content knowledge and skills.  

Opportunities to attend professional learning

Look at the TEAMP program to see the professioanl leanring opportunities updated each term.   


One-stop shopping

MAV now provides resources for primary English and mathematics teaching resources at the new MAV webshop. Items tagged with TEAMP may be an English or Mathematics resource. Most of these resources have been reviewed by members available on the TEAMP website.  

Opportunities to actively participate in an online community

Successful communities have a purpose and a need to be part of a community. Learn more about being a community member fo TEAMP and what is on offer and how you can contribute.   






maths talent quest
Maths Talent Quest

Early Years and Primary category students can enter the Maths Talent Quest.  The best of these entries are entered into the National Maths Talent Quest.

calling all writers
Calling All Writers

New writing competition for students. Submissions can be narratives of all genres and be presented in many fantastic ways that hand or technology can present. Stay tuned for details.

6 word stories
Six Word Stories

Six Word stories are a National Literacy and Numeracy Week fun activity where students explore just how much can be  understood with only a few words.

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