Teaching English And Maths Primary

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Teaching English And Maths Primary

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Online resources curated by Simon Job for maths teachers.

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Britt Gow

Britt Gow's Technomaths and Guide to Innovationare two award winning blogs.

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Maths Mama

A blog by Sue VanHattum who runs the Richmond Maths Salon.

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Jeff Trevaskis, alias Mr.T, lives in a small town in Northern Victoria, Australia. He loves teaching kids.

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Leopold Primary

Miss Jordan loves blogging, skyping and collaborating with many classes around the world.

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Catherine Attard Blog

Catherine's focuses on teaching pedagogies influencing students’ engagement.

Brainpop for Maths and English

Brain Pop has over 1,000 short animated movies for students K-12, together with quizzes and related materials, covering the subjects of science, social studies, English, mathematics, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music.
Brainpop Math Teacher free resources
"Teaching with games" allows me to hit multiple learning styles in the same lesson in a much easier way than the normal classroom environment."~ David McG

Brainpop English Teacher Free resources

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