Teaching English And Maths Primary

A project of the Mathematical Association of Victoria and
the Victorian Government Strategic Partnerships Program

Teaching English And Maths Primary


what is TEAMP?

TEAMP began as an initiative of the Victorian Association of English Teachers (VATE)and the Mathematical Association of Victoria(MAV) with the Victorian Department of Education Strategic Partnership Program (SPP).

A range of professional learning events have been offered to teachers since 2012, including the support of early career teachers (pre-service to 3 years) giving them an opportunity to engage in reflection about their work, to network and to hear from others who have been teaching for some time. A range of workshops will continue to be offered covering primary mathematics, English and general topics, particularly relevant to the introduction of the Australian Curriculum.

Guided by the MAV, this website has been designed to revitalise the TEAMP initiative repurposing the valuable artefacts that have been produced in the engagement of primary educators over the last four years.



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TEAMP goals

TEAMP a dynamic community online

TEAMP is a teacher resource and hopes to build an online dynamic space for teachers to engage in current discourse about innovative pedagogies of mathematics and English.

TEAMP membership is a free service for educators who have an interest in early childhood and primary school education.

TEAMP partners

TEAMP is a Strategic Partnership Project collaboration between the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

TEAMP aligns with current initiatives of the Department, policies and strategic directions that supports the promotion of numeracy and literacy as core foundation skills for life success.


TEAMP Sustainability

The Mathematical Association, the Department of Education and Training and strategic partners have a commitment to the ongoing support of the TEAMP community beyond the life of the project 2017.

This means that the resource respositories, illustrations of practice and showcase of teacher achievement are available to whole schools communities, including pre-service educators and their teacher candidates.

TEAMP commitment

A pillar of the TEAMP community is to support teachers and students in harnessing the opportunities of the digital age. This includes teacher contributed resources that demonstrate best practice pedagogies in Mathematics and English to enable powerful student learning.


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TEAMP focus

early childhood
Early Childhood (VicDET)

TEAMP will include teaching and learning for young children, birth to eight years of age. MAV has been collaborating with early learning centres and local councils to  offer a range of learning services. This advice aims to build the capacity of educators and parents in promoting numeracy and literacy skills before formal schooling years.

online pl
Primary online MAV professional learning

The community will build a range of resources with free access to members using the Department's Virtual Learning Centre. This resource will provide instructional videos to upskill and build knowledge of pedagogy, content knowledge and digital technologies with a focus on mathematics and English.



curated digital resources
Curated digital resources (FUSE)

This will be community recommended resources with a focus on numeracy and literacy for Early Childhood and primary school educators. Resources include engagement in dynamic forums and sharing of ideas and practice, reference materials, print and electronic resources and weblinks.

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